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Your supplier for all your fire extinguisher needs, whatever the desired format.

Powder, Type K, Water, Halotron, Clean Agent, Clyvexco is the solution.


Fire alarm system

Whether it is for the installation, repair or inspection of a fire alarm system, Clyvexco offers you a wide range of options.

We are distributors of Maple Armor fire alarm systems.

Off road truck fire extinguisher system

Inspections and certifications of fire suppression systems on off-road vehicles on customers job site.

Our certified technicians will also repair and maintain these systems on your mining and forestry vehicles.

Emergency and exit lights

Exit and emergency lights must be inspected every year for businesses and residential rental buildings.

Maintenance and delivery of certificate of conformity are available.

Kitchen hood fire extinguisher system

Commercial kitchen hoods must be inspected semi-annually or annually (depending on the case) and a certificate of conformity is mandatory according to the standards in force.

Let Clyvexco bring you that peace of mind.

Sprinkler system inspection

We also offer you the inspection and maintenance of sprinklers, fire pumps and all equipment related to these systems.

Smoke, CO, NO and other detectors

Smoke, CO, NO, heat or any other type detectors are available from Clyvexco, your fire safety expert.

Evacuation plans

We can offer you the creation and modification of evacuation plans for all types of buildings.

Hoses, cabinets, accessories

Whether for hoses, lances, fire extinguisher cabinets, covers or any other type of fire accessory, contact us for a quote on all these items.

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