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Fire alarm system inspections

  • The only way to ensure your fire alarm system works properly when needed is to have it inspected, tested and serviced by experts. This is why inspections are mandated by law and insurance companies reject claims without proof of annual inspections.


    In addition to avoiding possible false alarm costs due to faulty systems, regular inspections also limit your liability for injuries sustained by tenants, employees or guests of your business during a fire.


Did you know that there are several rules and standards that govern fire safety and that there are different types of inspections such as: ULC-S536 and ULC-S537 as well as the ULC-S524 standard which is the standard on the installation of fire alarm systems.

The ULC-S536 inspection consists of checking the components of the fire alarm system in place.

The ULC-S537 inspection consists of verifying a new installation according to the latest standards in force.

Be aware that the devices detect the presence of smoke, abnormal heat increase and water flows in sprinkler systems. If any of these signs occur, the fire alarm panel will sound bells or horns to warn building occupants to evacuate.

Our job is to install, maintain and inspect your fire alarm systems to ensure they are working properly. We also offer upgrading and adding equipment according to current standards.

When we carry out an inspection, we carry out:

  • Checking the fire alarm panel

  • Verification of all detection points

  • Verification of all signaling points

  • Battery check

  • A detailed report

  • A certification, if everything is in conformity as well as the issuance of the certificate of conformity.

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