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Fire extinguishers

Types of extinguishers

A wide range of extinguishers of different types is available.  Each type of extinguisher and its contents are designed for the effective extinction of fires of various materials and liquids.  See our table below showing the strengths of each type of extinguishing agent or gas contained in extinguishers.


Selecting the extinguisher

Dry chemical fire extinguisher             Class ABC, BC

Water extinguisher                        Class A

CO2 extinguisher                         Class BC

Halotron extinguisher                     Class BC

Extinguisher D                           Class D

Type K fire extinguisher                       Class K

Off-road vehicle fire extinguisher


We offer you fire extinguishers and Nitrogen or CO² cartridges for Ansul automatic systems intended for heavy and mining off-road vehicles.  Contact us  for more details.

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