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Repair, recharge and repair

Fire extinguisher verification

Our qualified technicians carry out on-site monthly, periodic and annual inspections of fire extinguishers, emergency and exit lights as well as smoke, carbon monoxide or propane and natural gas detectors.


A register of your inventories and follow-up of interventions is available. A certificate of conformity is issued during the upgrade in accordance with the safety standards in force.


Maintenance and reloading

In accordance with the NFPA standard, we carry out periodic maintenance of all types of fire extinguishers such as ABC –BC - WATER - Gas CO², Halotron, FM-200, etc.


In addition, we also recharge the extinguishers and the CO² or Nitrogen cartridges of the automatic extinguishing systems present on off-road and mining vehicles.


Table of complete maintenance periods according to the main types of extinguishers

Type of extinguisher                    Visual verification                 Full maintenance

ABC -  BC - AC                                  Annually                              6 years

WATER                                              Annually                              5 years

CO²                                                   Annually                              5 years

Gas Halotron - FM-200 - FE36          Annually                              6 years

Type K (Commercial kitchen)            Annually                              5 years

Type D                                              Annually                              6 years

Cartridge Operation                        Annually                              1 year

Fire extinguisher repair

Via our repair shops, our qualified technicians repair all brands of certified extinguishers (ULC).


We have a complete inventory of parts for repairing fire extinguishers.

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