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Hydrostatic test for cylinders and hoses

Hydrostatic test on cylinder

We perform low and high pressure hydrostatic testing (testing) of all types of fire extinguisher cylinders and breathing apparatus.


Hydrostatic test period table

TYPES                                          HYDROSTATIC TEST

ABC - BC - AC fire extinguisher                                 12 years

Water - distilled water (water mist)                               5 years

CO²                                                    5 years

Gas Halotron - FM-200 - FE36 - etc                        12 years

Type K (Commercial kitchen)                              5 years

Type D                                                 12 years

Cartridge Operation                                   12 years

Chemical powder with stainless steel cylinder              5 years

Hydrostatic test on fire hoses

We have the specialized equipment to perform hydrostatic tests (tests) on fire hoses in accordance with the NFPA standard.  Each fire hose, aged 5 years and over, present in public or private buildings, businesses, industries or fire departments must undergo a hydrostatic test every 3 years or before if the hose has been overused and / or requested under abnormal conditions.  Each hose tested is carefully dried before it is returned to service. Poor drying will reduce the normal life of the casing.

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